FLOODLABEL prepares you to prevent yourself, your home and property: before the flood


Glad to welcome you here. As floods concern and can hit everybody - at any time - almost anywhere: It strikes by far not only settlements at river sides and sea shores. Any place where rain falls is vulnerable. Especially since in the course of climate change phenomena like heavy rains and torrents occur more frequently and more extremely.
Identifying the risks of flooding and preventing the damage it causes is more important now than ever before. This also includes identifying the risks of sudden inundations – which are increasingly impacting formerly unaffected areas. It is hard to imagine, for example, heavily populated areas or precious, idyllic locations being swamped and devastated in moments. But water can develop such unexpected force and cause enormous damage, even claiming lives during and after the event. Nature makes no distinction. 
Floods alone account for a substantial proportion of the greatest economic, social and humanitarian losses on record.
Conventional major public infrastructure like dikes and dams cannot be built everywhere nor would they be helpful in any case. Therefore, decentralization is key when it comes to optimising flood resilience. And you have already found one fitting key right here: Floodlabel.


Do not wait for outside help – it might be too late.

Flood damage can be severe, and the price high.

Did you know: prevention can be cost-effective and easily practicable for everybody everywhere. Floodlabel is your defence against flooding roulette. Floodlabel empowers you to protect your property yourself.

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Before the flood:

In a first step, Floodlabel helps you to detect the danger spots and weak points in and around your home.

Then, Floodlabel guides you in equipping your property for the best possible individual flood resilience, through very achievable measures that are easily applied.

Systematically enabling you and guiding you through this process of optimal DIY flood resilience - this is the task and mission of Floodlabel. Here, on the Floodlabel’s digital platform you will find all the information, tools and contacts you need.

What are FLOODLABEL's aims?


Via our flood risk competence and connections, we aim to support and guide home and building owners worldwide in minimising the disruptive damage created by flooding. Our focus here is flood resilience. By thinking and acting with a long-term view, before the flood ever strikes, we help people to prepare and establish their own individual anti-flood measures.
Floodlabel’s concept is embedded in a well-structured system. With Floodlabel, you can define, optimise & classify your home’s flood resilience – simply label it. This is not only useful for you, enabling you to gain a clear view of the matter and to handle it appropriately but with Floodlabel’s seal you can get better terms and conditions on your insurance. Talk to your insurer!

At the moment, this site provides basic information and guidance on flood prevention, which will already be hugely helpful to you in upgrading your property’s flood resilience. Moreover, we are also working on expanding and customising Floodlabel’s features and facilities – to provide you during the next stages, with more precise orientation, defined by scientific results and the infrastructural conditions of your area.

This is a global challenge we are taking on.

What about you?            Ask FLOODLABEL


Dear recipient, have you already suffered flood damage? Are you looking for further help in flood damage prevention? Please contact us, so that we can optimise our system for you. Or are you an expert in this field as well?

You will no doubt understand that we are trying to avoid getting swamped by the science and technology side of this issue; with Floodlabel we are targeting the public. We would be delighted to hear your findings and comments and would welcome any contributions you are willing to share with us.

We are both grateful and excited to receive any and all support!


The four main sources of flood-events:

Danger from fluvial flood

Small creeks and large rivers can rise to levels many times above their average. The time span between the emergence of the weather phenomenon and the occurrence of the flooding can be very short. This also includes the risk from a dike break.

Danger from heavy rains

Heavy rains and torrents are weather phenomena which will occur more frequently in future. They can happen anywhere to anyone, as both do strike autonomously – independently of any stretch of water.

Danger from sewer backwater

Every public sewer system has a limited water retaining capacity, and those system capacities can be exceeded during extreme wet weather events. Whenever a heavy rain event occurs, there is a risk that your basement could experience a sewer backup problem. It is bad enough to have clean rainwater backing up in your basement, but try to imagine dirty sewage filling your basement, ruining everything it touches.

Danger from groundwater

This danger is often underestimated: floodwaters can also emerge through the subsoil and penetrate your property. Usually, such floods are slower, but they can produce more profound and permanent damage due to long lasting dampness, as the water needs more time to fall back to normal Levels.


Prevent now

The four most effective precautionary measures of flood-events:


Still people tend to underestimate the danger of floods - often enough with fatal consequences. Read here what you can do to minimize your flood risk.

Prepare your proberty

Protecting your property is a key part of helping to reduce the impact of flooding on your home or business. Here are some very helpful measures.


Every approaching flood is a case of emergency. Show the right behavior in case of heavy rain or flood to protect yourself and your loved ones! As well as your household.


Here are useful information’s about weather warning forecast, flood maps and how to learn more about flood hazards and risks.

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