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Floodlabel.com is provided to you by the Flood Competence Center (HochwasserKompetenzCentrum e.V.).

Our purpose is to provide advice and training in all matters of flood- and stormwater risk management, as well as the promotion of science, research and education.

Our website provides you with information on flood hazards and property flood protection measures along with an overview of our projects.  

For your personalized flood protection strategy, we offer the floodlabel that is adapted to your specific flood risk.

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Know your risk and protect your property


Floods are a major challenge for our society.

Fatalities and damages show that many affected and threatened people need better information about the flood hazard they have to expect at their place of residence and how they can protect themself.

Depending on where you are from, public authorities are usually responsible for flood protection measures on a large-scale basis. However, they can never give you full protection. In order to protect yourself and to thrive towards a flood resilient society the Floodlabel was developed by the HKC.

The floodlabel is a well-founded flood risk assessment for your property, including specific recommendation of measures to reduce the risk of floods at your property.

The floodlabel has been adapted and proven in Germany. Through projects and partners, our experience is growing and adapted to other countries.

If you are interested in the benefit of the floodlabel, feel free to contact us. For more information on the Floodlabel, please click here

Flood Types

The four main sources of flood hazards

River Flood

Small creeks and large rivers can rise to levels many times above their average. The time span between the emergence of the weather phenomenon and the occurrence of the flooding can be very short.


Stormwater runoff and flash floods from heavy rain are weather phenomena which will occur more frequently in future. They can happen anywhere to anyone, and independently of proximity to a water body. Even at a supposedly safe distance to a water bodies a flood hazard can exist.

Sewer Backflow

Every public sewerage system has a limited capacity to hold water. During heavy rainfall, sewers may overflow and sewer water may spill over the entire street to your property or enter your basement directly through the sewer connection. All this is not uncommon!

Groundwater Flooding

What many may not know: Floodwater can seep into your property from the underground due to a rising water table. Although this happens more slowly, it can lead to permanent and extensive damage.

Flood protection

The 4 Effective Flood Protection Measures

Risk provision

Location and object analyses, knowledge of potential hazards and adequate insurance protection enable a realistic risk assessment.

Prepare your Property

Protecting your property is a key part of helping to reduce the impact flooding on your home or buiseness. Here are some vey helpful measures.


Every approaching flood is a case of emergeny. Show the right behavior in case of heavy rain or flood to protect yourself and your loved ones! As well as your household.


Here are useful information‘s about weather warning forecast, flood maps and how to learn more about flood hazards and risk.

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