Check and track the information of your regional and most reliable weather forecasting institute. In case of doubts refer to the world meteorological organization:

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For getting information about your flod hard you can also undertake a web search with the following key words:

  • 'flood map'
  • 'flood hazard map'
  • 'flood-risk'

You can get a first impression at a global scale for your country from the World Resources Institute at the Global Flood Analyzer:

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or check the Water Risk Atlas:

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In many cases countries' responsible ministries do provide comprehensive informations, as well.



Heavy rains very quickly tend to
overflow roofs and rain gutters

Learn about flood hazards
and risks

Check the e-learning cource about Flood Risk Management for free. Understand the fundamentals of flood risk management and forecasting and learn how to implement ideas and measures to prevent damage:

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FLOODLABEL's customized survey - start your properties flood protection now:

Now and here: test the level of your knowledge

Our team of experts has developed a questionnaire on the status quo of your building, which is specifically addressed to the concerns of flood prevention. For an effective self-enquiry you have the possibility to answer detailed questions. As a result, you will receive free of charge an automated short evaluation of your object directly afterwards. However, this is not yet the floodlabel.
To achieve the FLOODLABEL it still needs an expert checking all your indications to be plausible and correct.