Realistic risk assessment - A three components system

The reason that so many people suffer from great losses of belongings and even lives due to flooding is because few of them realize the incredible power of water. Accordingly unprepared they are when getting struck by the flood.

  • a detailed site and property analyses
  • awareness for the diverse potential flood hazards
  • an adequate insurance coverage

All too often homeowners do not put their nice-to-have thinking into practice. Apparently institutions and experts did not achieve yet a sufficient sensitization of society and citizens to the risk awareness of flooding. The general situation throughout the world we can record is: people largely underestimate the flood hazards in their personal surrounding. And since there is no obligation to insure against flood risk and it’s potential damage, residents are even more reluctant to invest in private flood prevention. In addition, building owners often consider insurance premiums to be too high - especially in more vulnerable areas. What remains is relying on luck or state aid, consciously or unconsciously.
To have people know, that the effort and expenses of both: right precaution measures and insurance, would not only save a huge amount of the destructions and the costs but also lives - this is our task at flood label, and certainly also to provide the means of tuning their property`s flood resilience for the better and best.



FLOODLABEL’s customized survey - start your properties flood protection now:

Now and here: test the level of your knowledge

Our team of experts has developed a questionnaire on the status quo of your building, which is specifically addressed to the concerns of flood prevention. For an effective self-enquiry you have the possibility to answer detailed questions. As a result, you will receive free of charge an automated short evaluation of your object directly afterwards. However, this is not yet the floodlabel.
To achieve the FLOODLABEL it still needs an expert checking all your indications to be plausible and correct.