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a smart tool for governance towards flood-resilient cities

This research project FLOODLABEL aims to improve resilience and adaptive capacity of cities in a smart manner to sustain urban living in Europe. While adaptation measures to reduce the impact of flooding exist, homeowners insufficiently implement them due to their lack of risk awareness and knowledge of measures and triggers to take action. The project explores dedicated geo-technology and ICT-supported risk communication approaches and tools to better understand how risk communication.

HKC therefore collaborated with academic and societal partners in Austria, the Netherlands and Flanders in this project funded by the JPI programme Urban Europe. Next to a prototype of a risk communication tool has been developed (see below), multiple academic publications, living labs, and societal outreach have been produced. is a prototype application developed under the JPI Urban Europe funding program. It illustrates how homeowners can be informed about their individual flood risks and to support the planning and decision-making of experts and local governments to achieve more flood-resilient cities. The prototype was developed within the research project for selected Dutch case study areas. It is only available in Dutch.


Within the framework of the joint project „Sustainable strategies and technologies for flood risk management in arid and semi-arid areas – HOWAMAN”, the HKC-FLOODLABEL, which has already proven its worth in humid regions in Europe, is to be adapted to arid and semi-arid climatological conditions, as well as to the cultural and institutional framework in Iran.
HOWAMAN contributes to the funding measure „International Disaster and Risk Management - IKARIM“ and is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the programme „Research for Civil Security“.
The project is managed by the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management - RWTH Aachen University.
Further information on the programme "Research for Civil Security" of the german goverment can be found at:


Ghana is strongly affected by flooding. These annual events lead to disasters harming thousands of people, especially those with low income in urban areas. 

The Flood Competence Center is partner of the joint research project “Participatory assessment of flood disaster prevention and development of an adapted coping system in Ghana - PARADeS”, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany. The aim of the project is to gain the resilience concerning flooding. 

FLOODLABELGHANA will provide and spread the required information to enable the community members to prevent their property and home. For this purpose the concept of FLOODLABEL will be transferred and adapted to the climatological conditions, cultural aspects, varying building techniques and structure of the administration.